Android MX TV Box Fully Rooted XBMC installed & programmed – Cut cable cord & ditch the dish Part 2

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Part 2(dos) – Demo of live televisión channels, on-demand televisión shows and movies on the Android® MX televisión Box Fully Rooted with XBMC installed & programmed as seen on Ebay & Amazon® 0-0/unit. I am demoing this on a 60 inch tv so the clarity is even better on smaller screens.

Cut cable cord or ditch the dish.

Android MX televisión Box with hardware, fully rooted, firmware flushable and replaceable
The MX2 Dual Core Android® (4.2.2 Jelly Bean) Smart televisión Box feature:

•Dual Cortex-A9 processor, dramatically improving performance
•Dual Mali-400 Graphics processor, allowing 3D games to be played smoothly
•8GB Flash storage with capabilities to support an external hard drive with up to 2TB of memory!
•XBMC Frodo 12.0 pre-insatalled (customized Version for HD hardware(periféricos) decoding)
•Supports 1080p playback
•Supports wifi
•4 x USB 2.0 inputs
•SD Slot
•HDMI Output 1.4
•A/V Output
•Ethernet Port
•SPDIF Audio Output
•Supports Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse
•Supports 3D Gyro USB Wireless Mouse
•LED power indicator, Power on: Blue / Standby: Red.

Included in the box:
•Dual Core Android® Smart televisión Box
•Power Adaptor 5V 2A
•Remote Control
•HDMI Cable
•RCA Cable

CutCableCord DitchTheDish.

Function: Only need an internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to use and enjoy. Plug and play after I have installed and programmed.

Benefit: Cut cable cord or ditch the dish. The average monthly cable/satellite bill runs between 5-0 (and some people also pay /month for Netflix, -/month for RedBox rentals or /month for Hulu Plus).

Advantage: Local tv, network tv, basic channels, expanded channels, movie channels, older movies, and lastly current movies. You can also plug in a mini usb-HDMI cord to connect your SmartPhone to a televisión with an HDMI® connection so you watch on a big screen too.

Basically after you acquire your customized Android/PC/Smartphone XBMC package you will break even in 2-6 months. Every month after that the savings go back in your pocket!


Packages & Add-Ons

1. Android® MX televisión Box Jailbroken/XBMC Installed/Fully Programmed with all major Add-ons.This includes a 1(uno) year warranty on the hardware(periféricos) from the manufacturer and also includes technical support for XBMC programa informático – Video Demo

2. Desktop/Laptop/MacBook Pro with XBMC Installed/Fully Programmed with all major Add-ons.This includes technical support for XBMC software.The install and programming can be done via the internet remotely.

3. Mobile SmartPhone with XBMC Installed/Fully Programmed with all major Add-ons. iPhones require “JalilBreaking” – extra cost.This includes technical support for XBMC software. The install and programming can only be done in person locally.

4. Lenovo Multimedia Remote Mini Keyboard N5902 – .00 per unit plus .00 shipping (they are normally with shipping at Amazon® and normally – at Best Buy/Office Depot/Staples/Newegg).

5. Additional 6(seis) months of technical support can be acquired for .

1. Project Free televisión (not just tv like Hulu plus but movies like Netflix, & RedBox)
2. Free Cable
3. Mash Up (live broadcasts of pretty much all of your expanded channel networks PLUS the premium movie channels)
4. The Giddy Up Network
5. 1Channel
6. IceFilms
7. Simply Movies (not just movies but tv like Hulu plus, and movies like Netflix, & RedBox)
8. NotFilmOn (your own local market broadcasts of the major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS)
9. USTVNow (broadcasts of the major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS)
10. Z-Movies
11. UFC
12. SportsDevil (tons of live sports sports such as out of market MLB, NBA, NFL games, even live ppv events such as UFC, boxing)
13. Sportsaholic
14. ESPN Video
15. MTV
16. VEVO
18. High Tech Corvette
19. Multiple Anime Add-ons
20. CanadaOnDemand
21. Navi-X


1. Free 6(seis) months of technical support = 3(tres) units must be installed/programmed to receive this referral bonus.

2. Free install and programming of XBMC on a Mobile SmartPhone = 5(cinco) units must be installed/programmed to receive this referral bonus.

3. per unit that you referred that gets installed/programmed on a device.


Every package includes an itemized invoice of products and services with terms and conditions when applicable.

To acquire any of the following packages listed above please contact me via inbox(bandeja de entrada) here on YouTube® or via email at nomorecablesatellitebills at gmail dot com

I do not own any of the content in this video and there is no intent of copy write infringement

Trucos para tu teléfono 2016

Publicamos este articulo sin dañar ni perjudicar a los autores originales de la fuente que aparece más arriba. (No eliminamos ningún enlace original). Respetando en todo ámbito la ley de propiedad intelectual.

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